Quality Cabinets: Custom and Stock Lines

Enhance storage options and elevate the visual appeal of any room. From the maximized potential and feel of custom cabinetry, to cost-effective value-maximization stock lines, we have the storage solutions you need!

Bridgewood Cabinetry
Woodland Cabinetry
Smart Cabinetry

We Don’t Sell Junk!

At Kitchen Top Shop, we are dedicated to delivering impeccable craftsmanship that aligns with the highest standards of finish carpentry. Our cabinet lines are of high-quality, that said, why the price differences?

We sell three grades of cabinet:
1) Stock (Smart, Kraftsman)
2) Semi-custom (Bridgewood)
3) Custom (Woodland)

Stock cabinets are a fantastic option for flips, rentals, and tight budgets. Stock cabinets are available in limited sizes, styles, and colors — Kraftsman Cabinetry has 9 door styles/colors, for instance — Stock lines also limit or exclude cabinet modifications. This allows the manufacturer to produce cabinets, assemble them, and have them ready for sale without worrying about actually having orders to fill ahead of time. This cuts manufacturing costs and is the reason stock lines are less expensive and boast the shortest lead times (typically just the time to pick and ship the cabinets).

Our stock cabinets feature plywood construction, soft-close door and drawer hardware, and 5-year manufacturer warranties. This is a great way to save some money without sacrificing product integrity.

Semi-custom cabinets are the meat and potatoes of what we do. Companies like Bridgewood Cabinetry offer some modification options, usually a variety of style and color options, and are made to order. Features offered are: standard vs full overlay, five-piece drawer fronts vs slab drawer fronts, distressing, glazing, etc. Options vary between lines, typically we recommend Bridgewood in this category. This is a great way to maximize the space and storage in your forever/long-term home, without taking out a second mortgage.

Custom cabinetry is for those special dream projects. Make anything, any way it needs to be made, modify or create as needed, any color, any style, if you know what you want, we can get it done in a custom cabinet line. Versatility comes at a cost, but this is the perfect option if you are looking to really do something special.

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